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Tennis BC
204 -210 West Broadway
V5Y 3W2

Phone: (604) 737-3086
Fax: (604) 737-3124
The Club

As the provincial body governing the sport, Tennis BC's mission is to promote the growth of tennis in British Columbia by stimulating participation and excellence in all regions of the province. The goals of Tennis BC are: - get more people playing and enjoying the game - train more and better coaches for players at all levels - help more players to achieve excellence - secure more resources to develop tennis in the province. The general focus of Tennis BC is to bring the game to communities throughout the province by way of the schools, parks and community centres and to initiate programs which will introduce new players to the game. Tennis BC provides support to organizations whose activities help in attaining the above noted objectives.


Tennis BC's administrative offices are located on West Broadway between Birch and Hemlock streets in Vancouver, BC. Tennis BC provides programs through over 80 member clubs, community facilities, recreation centres and associations. They are the only provincial association in Canada that is a member of the United States Tennis Association (Pacific Northwest Section) providing its members access to the facilities, programs and resources of the USTA.


In order to help meet its goals, Tennis BC offers numerous programs through its member organizations and designated tennis development centres. To increase participation and enjoyment of the game, Tennis BC brings its tennis fairs, tennis 1-2-3, team tennis and in-school programs to communities throughout the province. To help more players achieve excellence Tennis BC offers High Performance Development programs at its designated tennis development centres. In addition, many opportunities for competitive play are provided, these include sanctioned tournaments at the Junior, Open and Senior levels and the Women's and Men's BC Leagues. One of Tennis BC's key mandates is to train more and better coaches for players at all levels. This is done through the Tennis Canada Coaching Certification program which is delivered and administered in British Columbia by Tennis BC. Tennis BC also administers the BC Rankings program for Junior, Open and Senior level players and provides support to the Tennis Canada Officiating Program, giving BC tournament organizers access to a pool of qualified tennis officials.